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#225635 - Jim proceed to the bar fixing a jack & coke and an extra glass of ice returning via the toy box he picked up some restraints, an electro kit and a cock ring for himself returning to the girls Jim found them still munching away on each other’s pussy, grabbing Sally arms he pulled them behind her back and tied them together then pulling her off Jan he pushed her backwards until she fell onto the lounge then pinching her nipples until they were standing up straight and hard he grabbed the electro kit and fastened one end to each nipple one on top of the clit and another two to her pussy lips he then dragged her towards the bed of the lounge until her feet were dangling over the end, switching on the electro machine a shot of current was sent to the right nipple resulting in a sharp scream of pain from Sally then the left nipple was punished, Jim repeated this several times, meanwhile Jan was sitting quietly in the corner chair watching the events, Nick was still on skype saying nothing .

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