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#63700 - Then Merik says The only way you can be killed is if your head is cut off but as I explained to you, even if you are killed your spirit will live on and if it can gather enough dark energy then you can give yourself flesh . As soon as Ou - Chan cums deep into her pussy Merik creates a barrier seperating Ayame and Ou - Chan, Rikimarue opens a portal on Ou - Chans side of the barrier and orders Ou - Chan to go through the portal, after Ou - Chan leaves Rikimarue closes the portal and Merik drops the barrier. Rikmarue smiles and says That might take a while, she's strong willed and stubborn, even after a year with those three Orcs and being impregnated she still resists Merik laughs and says That's good news for Ou - Chan then , then Merik says Lets finsih your training and make you Immortal , Merik teaches Rikimarue the secrets of regeneration, Immortality and resurrection.

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Does she have to sound like xena warrior princess
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Ahh yes
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The last 30 seconds are priceless
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I hope she sees this bro