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#27010 - “One hundred and twenty pounds,” Marjory chuckled, “Fun money. ” “Exactly,” Marjory agreed, “Credit, I am afraid it is payback time young lady, if you want to be a junkie and the group whore be my guest. Cassie had plenty of time to think, as she lay in her basket, she could remember going to Toby’s party with Dan, she remembered the blue pill and then it all went blank, she tried to climb on the kitchen unit to pee in the sink when she felt the need but gave up when she nearly fell and decided to pee in the hall doorway instead, she felt a small sense of satisfaction as she saw the pool of liquid swelling and decided she quite liked peeing on the floor so much so that she drank the rest of her water and decided to lay on her back and try to pee up the kitchen unit.

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