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#282180 - Jessica would normally never do this in her room from fear of her mom, dad or bother catching her, but with an empty house Jessica felt there was nothing to fear, she even forgot to lock the door or even close it, her hands moving faster now the good feeling creeping up about to blow out of her, when she suddenly heard laughing, her eye's sprung open quickly and she sat up to see her 16 year old brother Jason standing in the doorway to her room. Staring to feel good Jessica slowly backed up until she felt the mattress of her bed behind her legs and then she fell quickly to the bed on her back, spread her legs and was working her fingers in her pussy fast trying to make the good feeling come like when she does this in the shower or bath, being in her room certainly made it different, she closed her eye's and let her fingers go to work. Jason's Game Story: #UA-1 Copyright ©2005 Written: February 03 2005 A Story By: KaosAngel Proofed by: Piasa_Troll Please send

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