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#318231 - ?!? Timmy, Cassandra said sharply, I want you to let Miss Emily suck your penis, it's okay, I'm allowing it, so if she wants you to ejaculate in her mouth, you can go right ahead!!! Y-yes Mistress, he stammered, as this was a totally new experience for him!!! Mistress had never allowed anyone other than herself to use him sexually since he had moved in with her, and to say that he was nervous would be an understatement!!! He padded over to Emily, who had since sat down on the floor, and stood quietly in front of her as she opened her mouth and sucked in his cute little erection!!! Cassandra watched with bemused fascination while her little panty boy stood there and allowed a perfect stranger to suck his hard little penis!!! Timmy, she asked, is Emily a good cocksucker!?! V-very good, Mistress, he gasped as she had his whole member all the way inside of her hungry mouth!!! Now deciding to have a little fun with him she asked, Is she as good as I am!?! Oh, Mistr

Read Bunda Ane o Utta ...Shounen M no Shuki - Original Dirty Talk Ane o Utta ...Shounen M no Shuki

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