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#216549 - Taking more of his cock into her mouth she start to bob her head back and forth as her tongue works on his shaft, Alice feels it twitch and throb as she lick round and round sucking it deeper, pulling back so her mouth covers the tip she slips her tongue under his foreskin and slowly circles the head, hearing him gasp as she does it. Seeing his eyes widen she realises he was being honest and not trying to let her down gently, looking down a little embarrassed her eyes come to rest on his trousers, or more to the point the large bulge in them, again Alice feels her pussy dampen and her breath comes in small gasps. Waves of pleasure ripple through Alice’s pussy as he keeps sucking, suddenly she feels his tongue press against her panties and start moving round and round against them.

Read Mulher Wakazuma Ayano No Ecstasy Licking Wakazuma Ayano No Ecstasy

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Chiya ujimatsu
Amazing girl like if you want my ass
Somehow the writing in this is still better than the last jedi