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#306929 - 5 million there was no rush on a Friday considering rush hour but we were on the highway  I had my eyes closed for about all of 20 seconds then the familiar sound of my mustang flying past us  your dad is something else  yeah at least I inherited my speed freak from both of you My moms doin 90 and my dad at least 115 in a 70  yeah alright Jim go back to sleep I'll wake you when were almost there ok love you mom love you too honey I'm shook awake Jim were here ok you want me to wake her up no I'll take her in you sure positive  ok I get out and open her door she's sitting up I grab her she's nothin to me I walk into the house up the stairs and half way down the hall before I hear Jim(groggy voice) yea we home yeah(laying her on the bed) ok  let's get some sleep ok by the way I herd you say i love you that was sweet We lay together fast asleep. This is a continuence of Jim and julies

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Kaito yashio
Bro shes like a dying cat xd
Nice cock i love your hentais