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#212533 - We didn’t move, just sitting there as we were, I looked around the room, there was only Emily and Jody there, Emily said the others had gone to bed, for ten minutes Wendy nor I made a move, Jody came over and kissed me good night. Now with only Emily left I asked Wendy if she wanted to go to bed, “Oh yes daddy, take me to bed and fuck me long and hard” as I stood she wrapped her legs around me and I remained buried in her, reaching Emily’s room I went to the bed and lay Wendy down, we didn’t bother undressing and I just fucked her as we were, she squealed and groaned and told me to fuck my cock hungry little girl, I didn’t need her to tell me this but it was something different, Emily didn’t talk dirty as we fucked, so having Wendy do it turned me on a little more, “Come on daddy, fuck me, I want you cock stuffed up my cunt, I want your spunk filling my womb, I want your babies” as I was pounding into her I felt a weight get on the bed, Emily had stripped and got beside us, she leaned

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