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#171349 - 15pm when the door was unzipped and Steph stormed in and flopped herself down looking really peeved, ‘what is it’ l inquired, she then proceeded to tell me that Beth had stole the boy she liked, l should have been more caring but instead said ‘that’s life’, Steph asked if she could have a drink, l thought she meant my coke so told her to help herself, after she had knock back 2 or 3 glasses l realised, she had been pouring herself my vodka and coke, Steph looked spaced out but at least it took her mind off Beth taking the boy she liked, l told her to go to bed. In the tent we began kissing and undressing before climbing into my bed compartment, l had Steph on her back licking and sucking her pussy l was surprised how excited she got even wriggling herself on my tongue, next l was sucking her small tits then rolled her onto her belly and got her onto all fours because l thought doggy style would open up Steph’s pussy wider. We kissed then l told her sister Steph to kiss Beth, she l

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