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#81832 - With my hips bucking into her I heard a noise behind me, turning my head I was shocked to see Bethany, she was the youngest at 7 years of age, “What you doing Sam”? Samantha sat up and looked around me “Go away Beth” Bethany came into the room and stood beside me, “Why is he naked and pushing against you”? Sam pulled away from me to grab Beth and take her out of the room, naturally my cock was in front of Beth, her mouth opened and her eyes widened like dinner plates, “Why was his dick in you, can I touch it”? “Sam grabbed Beth’s arm and was dragging her out, “I’m going to tell daddy” stopping dead in her tracks Sam shook her sister, “No your not, You’re not telling anybody, understand”? “I want to touch it, if I can’t I’m telling daddy” Sam looked at me “What do you think”? What could I say; if Beth did tell I would be in so much trouble it would be unbelievable, “It wouldn’t hurt if I let her just touch it” Beth smiled and sat on the bed, she reached out and cupped my balls in one ha

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