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#278594 - One day I went into the studio to check some negatives, she was sitting on the floor with her legs spread checking an order, a more hornier sight I couldn’t have wished for, she just sat there talking to me, she knew as to where my eyes were but never budged, she was plain but very sweet looking. However, we ended up in a park, after a while we got split up from Eric and his date going off on our own, okay push came to the shove and I was getting along fine even though it had taken me sometime, no being to sure as to whether my friend Eric was winding me up about the girl, so I trod very lightly at first, but the system was working, we kissed my hand went inside her blouse, I was really getting worked up with her, in these days most girls worn skirts or dresses, once I had my hand up her skirt and my finger into her pussy, I was revelling to go, we were both laid out on the grass, I’d undone my belt and just about to get into the saddle so to speak, she was more than willing when I mo

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