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#161774 - ” Arbitrus sighed, pulled out his pipe, and sat on the steps. Aggressive, thrusting, stinking, growling, spitting, man. ” “Ok, but how does that help us?” I asked, “So they knew each other; so what? We need information on Corruption! We need to find the skeletons in her closet!” “Wait…” Justina said, her eyes practically bulging from their sockets, her lower lips quivering, “Why would Corruption know a Heat Bringer and a Life Giver, hmm?” Justina looked around at all of us, “Why does Corruption fit like a glove into Willowbud Autumnsong? Why does Corruption so badly want to bind an Earth Former and a Life Giver?!” “She was an Earth Former!” Lucilla gasped.

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Kiyoshi fujino
Damn he is the luckiest guy in the world with three of the sexiest women around im in awe
This is hot we love this hentai