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#13576 - “look at it this way we do get off at 1:30 today” “oh fuck yah” Amy said “what are u doing after anyways?” “I don’t know” Replied Crystal “well I’m coming over” Amy said “ok whatever” Crystal replied as the bell rang “oh shit” Crystal said in a rush “come over at like 4” “ok” Amy replied as she slowly walked in to her class. The next day at school Amy saw Crystal at her locker and went up her quietly and grabbed her pushed her lightly against her locker facing her “what the, what are you doing” Crystal asked surprised “I want you now” Amy said “and I cant wait” as Amy started to rub and grab Crystals tight ass “wait not here” meet me for lunch and well got to my house ok”? “fine” Amy said as she let go and walked of in to sexiest walk she could leaving Crystal wanting her only having to wait till lunch to get it. “were going to be late for school”, “Alright I’m ready lets go” and they both put their shoes on and went out the front door walking off to school Crystal is a 16 year

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Man thats deep but think about it theres 7 8 billion people in the world if 99 of them dont like you the 1 is 78 million people you just have to find the right one so good luck my man and stay strong