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#410134 - As he left the booth he bumped into another man as they left the back room making Josh wonder if he was his unknown suck mate!!! He gave the older man a little longer look than he normally would have, and as a small smile spread across the man's face, and Josh immediately knew that this was the man who had just made his pecker explode in ecstasy! Taking a chance, Josh extended his hand and introduced himself, the stranger grasped it firmly and said, My name is Mark, what can I do for you? Josh looked around the dark room and found a little cubby hole off behind the change machine and ordered, Follow me, I have a plan!!! Mark followed Josh to the back of the room and slipped around the corner and out of sight while Josh dropped to his knees and unbuckled the man's pants and pulled out his penis. , he noticed that a new adult bookstore had just opened for business, and with nothing else pressing to do, he decided to check it out. Mark pulled out his handkerchief and

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