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#178426 - ‘You want him to know it really happened?’ you ask her, Sarah can’t look at you as she nods silently, feeling your stomach tighten you whisper ‘what if it happened in front of him?’ Gasping Sarah stares at you in disbelief at what she just heard. Using your free hand you undo Sarah’s blouse as you kiss her neck, moaning louder now as you rub her pussy through her dampening panties she helps you pull the blouse open exposing her bare breasts, even you didn’t know she hadn’t put on a bra when she got ready, leaning down you suck on one of Sarah’s nipples eliciting another gasp. Answering the phone you hear your sisters voice on the other end ‘Hi Anna, its Sarah I’m sorry I haven’t called earlier I didn’t know what to say after the other day.

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