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#360348 - The pressure of two cocks in me made it hard for him to push all the way in, so lots of amyl later and now with a nice relaxed hole his cock went in, now the knot was banging my cheeks, would I be able to get that in too, I sure was going to try. We both took a few more guys, then with time getting on, most guys had to leave, so a quick piss session and wash off, Joy and I said our good byes, asking Steve if we could meet him for more fun soon, and his dog, he was more than happy to say yes. The last group fuck Joy had got real kinky, I turned up to see her being fucked in the ass by a dog, and soon we both got fucked side by side by the dogs and totally enjoyed ourselfs, so when the chance a rose we set up another meet and told Steve to make sure the k9s came along too.

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