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#342075 - “Oh Yes! Yes!” Laura called out as the vibrating in her pussy made her fly to another orgasm, the juice washing over the dildo as the spinning shook it inside her tight griped pussy, Laura screaming out now as she thrust herself up and down on the 8 inch shaft the deep penetrations sending a massive orgasm through her each time. “I couldn’t” Laura said in her mind as she thought about what Tally had said to her, she couldn’t even believe that she had been given it for her birthday, she was shocked then but could laugh about it now. “Laura you are sexy, just look at those boobs for got sake” Laura’s mouth dropped and she playfully slapped her friends arm before giggling “If no bloke wants that then you need to do something” Tally joked as she pointed at Laura’s chest, her tight, white silk shirt pressed against her big breasts “Hey I’m not some old spinster you know” Laura laughed as did Tally “I have had men before” again Laura laughed “Yeah but the last one was what 3 ye

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