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#178766 - i need you to open your mouth, real wide ok? so you can swallow all this cum ok? He forced 3 of his fingers in my mouth and then with the other hand did the same and forced my mouth open like you would open a bear trap no N-no noo i could hardly speak as i lay there pussy aching from being raped with my legs wide open for the cameras to see the bloody-ness of my cunt, tied naked to i bed sweating as my rapest forced a metal object into my salvia covered mouth with tears rolling down my slapped face (IM GETTING SO TURNED ON WITH WRITING THIS GUYS!!!!!) He forced the jaw clamp into my mouth so it was sat like a brace that was ok but salvia enducing and hurt when you tried to bite or close your mouth FINALLY! he said, he grabbed a few more of the used johnnys off the floor and black rubber dildo i placed at the side of my slim belly, walking back round between my legs he once again stuffed his penis into me, the firey pain shot up my spine i tryed to yell but the salvia form my mouth

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