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#134031 - I got up and pulled her head toward my cock and she needed little encouragement, she sucked my cock like a pro taking it all in her mouth while rubbing my balls with her other hand, well I needed to fuck and I needed it now so I pulled my cock out of her mouth and laid her down on her back, she spread her legs and I slowly giuded my cock into her awaiting hole, it was so hot and wet that my cock slid in with ease, she wimpered abit as my head slid in her than the rest of my cock. She looked down under the covers and could tell I was feeling very horny today by the bulge in my shorts, she gave my shorts a tug and they were down to my knees she leaned in and kissed me deeply and started to work my cock with her hand it felt so good having her stroke me like that, she started kissing down my chest and stomach and my cock was fully hard now and wanted some real attention. It was a Tuesday night and I was at Christina's house, we were watching tv in her room and I had fallen asleep.

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