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#111957 - time soon passed, my mum had loaded everything to the car and i got in, I was wearing nothing more then a baggy T-shirt and some swimming shorts. What happened next really shocked me, she slid over right next to me and stroked my cock through my pants it felt so good Mmm, mom what're you doing? I've seen you trying to get a glimpse of me undressing at night I was speachless I don't mind John, it turns me on, do you know how many times me and your father have sex now a days? she seemed to me asking a rhtorical question so i sat in silence still amazed None! and i have needs you know! I could tell from her talking that she was a bit tipsy. It took us about 30mintues to find the car we got back to the car both of us now slightly sun burnt i went to take a dip in the lake to get rid of that whit patch from my wet dream earlier while my mom put the boat and things away, i dived in and almost peed myself when i saw a face in the water of course it was just my

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