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Free Fucking Miku Nyanmin - The idolmaster Punk

(C92) [AquaGrapher!! (末井夕)] みく難民 (アイドルマスターシンデレラガールズ)


Characters: Miku maekawa (31)
Languages: Japanese
Categories: Doujinshi
18 pages - Uploaded
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#404880 - when she knocked i said come in but be quit my mom walked in and said hey do you want anything from the mall? im going to do some light shopping with bella yeah can you get me some ciggs and i need some new running sneackers sure thing son. to be a little mean i walked him the room slamming my door shouting morning harvey with his hand on his head said baby not so loud i walked upto him and gave him the glass on pure orange i had been drinking from before he toke a drink i told him ive drunk from that do you want a fresh glass harvey gave me a faint smile and said no babe it will be okay harvey drank the glass of oj in one go and said im going back to sleep he laid down and put the covers over his face. i mean i do want it but i think i should let you have the day to recover and do you know you hit on me last night? harvey smiled and said yes babe i remember because you rejected me harvey i didnt reject you i decided against it because you was drunk harvey had

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