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#399448 - I didn’t have any of my girlfriends spend the night and I rarely stayed out to late. “Oh Faith I’m gonna cum all over your face” I said in between my breaths To my surprise Faith opened her mouth wide just as the first rope of my cum came blasting out, it hit her little face, across her chin, into her mouth and up her face into her hair, she never even flinched, even when a blast hit her eye and coated her lashes. I laid there thinking of what had just happened, of all the events with Faith and our family over the years, and to my happiness I didn’t have a bit of guilt at all, I think it was because Faith wanted it and enjoyed it so much, “how did my sister become so dirty and open, and what was with Jamie, I’d have to make it a point to find out, the thought of having Jamie come visit came immediately to my mind, could I really have her and Faith at the same time, would Jamie go along with it? I had to find out.

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