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#322761 - I for one never came that night, and I never saw any of the others cum either,it was probably about 5am before I got to sleep and only about two hours later I was awakened by a strange feeling, I woke up to find Mark sucking my dick, I pulled at his hand indicating that he should come in beside me everyone in the house would be fast asleep we lay in the bed feeling and touching each other then went 69 sucking each other off, Pat must have woke up and realised what was going on, He climbed down from his bed and without saying anything removed the duvet from over me and Mark his tongue licking all over both of us we carried on sucking each other then I could feel Pat’s warm breath, then his tongue as he started to rim my hole, then when he pushed a finger inside me I lost control and nearly chocked Mark to death as I unloaded in his mouth, He had to push me clear to get a breath, even in the pitch black of the room I could make out that Pat had raised Marks legs and was now tongue fuckin

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