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#249396 - This is indeed the “face” of white slavery in the 21st Century, as depicted until now by the international media. There may be the occasional report of a police raid upon a relatively small prostitution ring in the United States, where a dozen or more helpless young women, typically from Mexico and other Latin American countries, are found quietly plying “The World’s Oldest Profession” within a pervasive climate of fear – a fear of beatings, of hunger, or more often than not, simply a fear of arrest and deportation – but such accounts are rare indeed; the far more common image of modern white slavery, as documented by the media, is that of a savage and barbaric underworld in which women are bought and sold like cattle and are forced to provide sexual services while held prisoner within the many filthy, disease-riddled brothels that litter the decaying sections of overcrowded cities in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

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