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#122640 - Three glasses & 45 minutes later we approached a beautiful white beach surrounded by high cliff face, Captain Nick anchored off the beach and Mark & John loaded the tender full of camera equipment and headed for shore where Mark proceeded to unpack the equipment whilst John brought the tender back to the Lady Jane for the next trip with April, Cindy & the clothes Interestingly Chad was mooching around the ship with one of his camera’s photographing everything & person, I overheard him suggest Nick that the Lady Jane would also make for a great back drop for some of the swimwear photography Cindy needed at the end of the day & would it be ok to use the ship during sunset, I thought shit this will be a long day if we’re expected to still be here at sunset. April walked up to me & started checking out the fit of the dress, running her hand over my rear end up to my waist, she commented to Cindy that the fit was great but loose around my boobs (apparently the previous model had bigger bre

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